Does Google have a Kanban board?

Google Workspace apps pack is developed for corporate clients. But it lacks a built-in Kanban board and/or other project management tools. It has many powerful tools. However, none are specifically designed for project management. In addition, Google’s search activity indicates that most businesses use Project Management Tools rather than just a simple database or spreadsheet to keep track of their projects.

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Google Workspace users need a Kanban board and other project management tools integrated with Google products, so it doesn’t feel like you’re using a third-party tool. This will keep users from feeling like they’re leaving their familiar environment.

Kanban Board Integrated Into Google Ecosystem

Many Google Workspace apps offer connections to other Google apps. But few can offer full integration with seamless authorization. Kanbanchi provides an online Kanban board tool built on the Google Cloud Platform and works inside Google Drive.

Moreover, the Kanbanchi app is among the best Kanban board software products in the marketplace. This collaboration product is fully integrated with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, etc. That’s why it’s the preferred solution for businesses of all sizes. Just sign up with your Google account and start organizing your business.


Project Management App Right Inside Your Google Drive

Kanbanchi is a new way to set up your workflow system. It allows you to manage your projects online, share them with others, and stay on top of progress. You can save and manipulate your boards as files; it’s all right there in Google Drive. That makes it a perfect match for corporate Google Workspace users.

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