How can I receive email notifications when my dashboard is changed?

If you want to receive email notifications when changes have been made to your board you need to enable them in the Board Details. To do it first click on the board’s title on the top panel and then choose Board settings from the drop-down list.

After that tick the Email notifications option in the popover window on the right.


Then you can choose from the drop-down list how often the App will send you emails:

  • as soon as possible,
  • once an hour,
  • once a day.

You also need to choose which cards on the board you want to receive notifications for:

  • all cards,
  • cards assigned to me, 
  • watched cards.

You can tick all the variants. 

Kanbanchi will notify you when:
– a card has been assigned to you
– a new card has been created
– a card has been deleted
– a new comment appears
– a card’s name has been changed
– a card’s description has been added or changed
– a file has been attached
– a card’s due date passed
– a card has been moved to another list
– a card’s priority has been changed

Note, that notifications will be sent only if you are not the only member on this board and changes are made by other people.

In case you want to receive notifications on cards that have not been assigned to you, mark these cards as watched. Open any card you desire to receive updates for and then click on the Eye symbol located at the top of the Card Details to the left of the card author’s name.

If you would like to complement email notifications with in-app notifications, learn how to activate in-app notifications. You may also receive browser notifications in Kanbanchi.

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