How to receive in-app notifications in Kanbanchi?

In-app notifications are updates about activity on Kanbanchi dashboards, which you receive in real time within the app.

Setting up in-app notifications

To enable in-app notifications for a particular dashboard, first open the Dashboard Details and tick the option for In-app notifications in the Dashboard Details popover window. You’re almost set!

Now, configure what tyes of notifications you want to recieve. You may recieve notifications about the updates of cards and important activities (when someone assignes cards to you or mentions you in a comment). Also, you may choose cards on the dashboard you want to receive in-app notifications for (all cards, assigned to me and watched cards, or watched cards only). To mark card watched, open any card you desire to receive updates for and then click on the Eye symbol  located at the top of the Card Details to the left of the card author’s name.

Receiving in-app notifications

Notifications are located behind the bell-shaped button in the top right corner. When you have new notifications, the badge appears, which displays the unseen notifications count. Click on the notifications button to view your notifications.

notification badge

The red badge displays the number of unseen notifications.

Notifications from all your Kanbanchi dashboards are gathered in one place.  You receive notification when your collaborator:

– creates a card
– changes assignees
– deletes a card
– comments on a card
– renames a card
– changes a card description
– adds attachments
– moves a card to another list
– sets a priority to a card

Looking at a new notification, you are able to see at a glance what dashboard it belongs to, which card it is about and who performed the changes.


You can also use a filter to see notifications only from a current board.

Due Date Notifications

If you set a due date on a card, you will receive a notification about the card when it is due.


Let us know if there’re other types of notifications you would like to receive by dropping a message to Support. Also, learn more about an option to receive e-mail notifications in Kanbanchi.

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