How can I export my board data?

You can export Kanbanchi board data to Google Spreadsheet

To export data from a board, click on the board’s title on the top panel (or the three dots menu on the right of the title) and choose Board settings from the drop-down list.


Board Details will open. Choose the Export tab at the top of the right panel.


Choose the type of export you need:

  1. Card titles & description. This will pull out only card titles and descriptions of all cards on your board including archived cards. This export will be made in a form of Kanban board (columns and rows)
  2. All Active Data. This will provide you with all the data that you have on cards from this board excluding archived cards.
  3. Active and Archived data. The same as above but including all archived cards.
  4. Time Tracker data. This will only export the time that has been logged in by collaborators on your board. Learn more about this export type here.

Additionally, you may configure the date and time format. Also, you may choose what columns the Google spreadsheet should contain.

You may change the placement of the columns by drag and drop.

Right after initiating the export, you will see a visual indication of the progress. Please, keep this tab in your browser open — export will take some time.

When the export is finished, we’ll send you an email with the link to a new spreadsheet with exported data. You can also open it from your Google Drive. The file will be created in the folder of your board inside the Kanbanchi folder in your Google Drive with the board name and export date in the title. Depending on your board location, it may be a folder inside the Shared Drive.

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