How can I export my dashboard data?

In Kanbanchi you can export either to CSV or Google Sheets.

To export data from a board, click on board’s title on the top panel.

Dashboard Details will open. Scroll down to the Export section at the bottom of the popover window.


  1. CSV export allows you to export card titles only or card titles & description for saving the file in CSV format on your computer. To initiate the process, simply click the option you’d like to use and choose the location where the new file should be created on your computer.
  2. A more advanced option – export of dashboard data to Google Sheets. It provides more parameters for export, including the following ones: List name, Card name, Description, Author, Created, Start date, Due date, Estimate, Assigned users, Tags, Colour Tags, Priorities, Processing status, Attachments, Comments, Checklists, Related cards.


To initiate the process, click All Dashboard data under the option Google Spreadsheet. Right away you will see a visual indication of the progress. Please, keep this tab in your browser open — export will take some time.

export process

When the export is finished, we’ll send you an email with the link to a new spreadsheet with exported data. The file will be created in the root of your Google Drive with dashboard name and export date in the title.

3. About Time Tracker data export learn here.

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