How can I filter cards on the dashboard?

To filter cards on the dashboard, press the Filter Button filter in the upper left corner of the screen. A popover window will appear, which may be used to  filter cards in several different ways.

Start typing text in the top field to find cards containing particular keywords in title or description. Additional settings may be used to:

  • Sort cards by due date order (earliest first, latest first).
  • Filter cards by Priority
  • Select the user to whom cards are assigned to.
  • Specify a range of dates for creation date and due date.
  • Filter cards by Colour Tags
  • Filter cards by Comments (any, with comments, without comments).
  • Filter cards by Attachments (any, with attachments, without attachments).
  • Hide empty lists


  • You can move or edit cards when the filter is on, but you cannot create new cards. 
  • You cannot save the sort order when you turn the filter off or close your board.
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