Does Google Drive have a task manager?

Google Drive is a place where your files are stored in the cloud. Yet, it is not just a storage place for work and home but a suite of valuable tools for collaboration. However, is there a Google drive task manager?

Google Drive for collaboration

First of all, let’s figure out why a task manager is essential when it comes to collaboration within G Drive. The well-known pack consisting of Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides provides a way to collaborate side by side. Changes you make are always synced across devices and the cloud.

You have two spaces to locate your data. My drive stores personal files and folders created and owned by you. Shared drives are files your team is collaborating on. It’s a great option especially for big teams where collaborators need to find and access files easily.

Adopting or switching to Google Workspace environment, teams get a nice starter pack of tools for cooperation. But how should they manage projects and keep track of the workflow?

Google drive task manager

That’s right, Google Drive doesn’t have a built-in task manager. Fortunately, there are alternative task management platforms you may choose to keep track of your tasks. For example, Kanbanchi.

Kanbanchi copes with the role of Google task manager perfectly well. Just like working with Google files, you may observe all the changes done by your team members in real-time on Kanbanchi boards.

When you want to share your Kanbanchi board with your team you may invite users individually indicating their permission levels. The permission levels in Kanbanchi coincide those you see when sharing any other Google files. Alternatively, you may move your board to Shared Drive.

What’s more, you may attach files from Google Drive securely. Kanbanchi doesn’t have access to the content of your files. It simply creates links between the interface and your file. So you don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your data. It is only you who decides who has access to the content of your files.

Kanbanchi is a full-featured task management platform that includes such power tools as Kanban board, Gantt chart, reports, time tracker and recurring cards. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates Google drive environment and can be used for secure connection between your tasks and files.

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