Does Google have a task manager?

Google offers plenty of various services intended to help its clients in their everyday life and business. G Suite pack contributes to users’ scheduling, productivity and collaboration all over the world. It covers many needs but moving forward to take a business to new heights demands more serious and professional tools to manage daily tasks and challenges. Therefore the question arises “Does Google have a task manager?”. Unfortunately, Google can’t provide it.

How to cope without a Google Task manager?

Don’t even think about it! The lack of a professional Task manager among the Google services, the need, and demand of it led to the development of several third-party tools. The most remarkable among them is Kanbanchi.


Why Kanbanchi is the perfect Task manager?

Kanbanchi is a clear organized system for monitoring and managing the workflow, suitable for both one person and a large team. The Apps’ users get all the opportunities of an online Kanban Board. What’s more, they also can enjoy such advanced features as Gantt chart, Time tracker, several types of Reports, Archive and some others.

Why Kanbanchi is the best choice for Google users?

It is also very important that the application was developed and made specifically for more comfortable work with G Suite. Familiar Google-like interface and integration with G Suite features make Kanbanchi an easy-to-start application for all Google users.

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