How to switch between dashboard views?

Kanbanchi offers several options to see cards on your dashboard – Kanban View, Gantt Chart View and List View. between different views, click the view button on the right side of the dashboard title.

Kanban View

When you want to monitor the progress your team makes it’s easier to do that with the Kanban View. It is a horizontal view where cards are places in the lists, which can represent categories or stages in workflow process. It will help you understand what milestones are being met and where you have bottlenecks in your project.

List View

However, sometimes, you’ll want to quickly look through all your cards, sort and filter them to easily access the ones you need. In this case, List View will come in handy – it displays a list of scrollable cards and allows you to quickly look through them from top to bottom.


Gantt Chart View

Gantt Chart View demonstrates how your cards relate in time. You can see the duration of your cards across a timeline and visually plan and adjust project schedules with your team.



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