Does GSuite have a project management tool?

G Suite is a powerful pack of apps for corporate users that’s been around on the market for quite a while. However, the pack doesn’t include any gsuite project management tool. Which opens a wide range of opportunities for smaller yet not less great companies, like Kanbanchi.

The same-named app is designed specifically for G Suite users. It provides them with the project management solution within the familiar environment.

If we look at the search level for “gsuite project management”, we’ll understand that there’s a great demand for an app integrated with Google’s pack.

What people are searching for when they search for Gsuite project management?

The main point of search is to find an app that’s easy to use and which will operate the same way G Suite works. Kanbanchi works in Google Drive and acts exactly like any other file that you put inside your Drive. You can create boards for your projects and then open and share them from your Drive as well as from within the app. It helps to master the app in less than 15 minutes.

Kanbanchi board and its special folder inside the user’s Google Drive

The most common requests from project managers working in companies that use G Suite is to have the app that supports a kanban board, Gantt chart or resource board. At the same time, they need to attach files from Google Drive and synchronize their apps with Google Calendar.

Do you recognize your requests?

Then, Kanbanchi is a perfect fit for you! It has all these features in one, and even powered with real-time synchronization. It makes collaboration extremely smooth and transparent so that Kanbanchi soon will become the tool for everyday usage of all your team.

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