Does Google have a Gantt chart?

Google has its G Suite pack that includes a variety of products. Gmail, Docs, and Sheets are the most well-known and notable. But many project managers ask for a Gantt chart solution in GSuite. And GSuite lacks it, unfortunately. However, an alternative is very easy to reach. Kanbanchi offers G Suite users a Gantt chart that works greatly in Google Drive. Bonus is that it’s not only the Gantt chart but a full project management solution.
gantt chart

Google suggests that G Suite users utilize spreadsheets to create Gantt Charts. Users may even consult the detailed instruction on how to do it. When it may be a workaround for some, the majority of project managers will agree that this is quite annoying and time-consuming to create and support such charts. Also, spreadsheets in their core aren’t meant for management, they are good for calculations and information storage. In our current consistently changing environment, we are in need of more flexible tools. In the meantime, it’s crucial for companies on G Suite to have synchronization of tools, because all the data is stored in one place.

Gantt Chart in Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi provides a project management suite that includes Kanban board, Gantt chart, Time tracker, and other useful tools for everyday workflow. The app is integrated with most G Suite apps and works with Google Drive. The Gantt chart inside the app is enormously easy to use, create and maintain.  The changes can be done in one or two clicks and are on the Kanban board at once. Kanbanchi application supports the main Google’s goal – transparency in workflows. It means that all the changes are reflected in real-time and all teammates will be updated instantaneously.

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