Does Google have a task manager inside Google Workspace?

Companies and individuals worldwide use Google apps. Google Workspace is one of the most popular and powerful office suits. Having apps like Google Drive for file sharing, Forms to collect the information, Docs, Sheets for making notes and sharing across the team, Google Meet that allows to instantly connect people from different locations, Google Workspace is irreplaceable for many companies. However, there’s no task manager inside Google Workspace.

So, what do I do if I need a task manager inside Google Workspace?

If we are to analyze the search requests on Google we will see that frequently people are looking for “google workspace task manager”. However, there’s no such solution built by Google.

The best way would be to use an app that has a deep level of integration so that you couldn’t feel the gap. Kanbanchi is built for Google Workspace users by Google users. It is a project management and task management solution integrated into the familiar Google ecosystem.


Do people search for a particular tool?

The whole idea is probably not to have something made by Google but rather find a tool that has the same behavior patterns as Google Workspace. It won’t require additional time to educate people on how to use another system.

Kanbanchi lives and works inside your Google Drive, it’s integrated with Google Calendar, Forms, Sheets and its usage can be controlled by Google Workspace admin. project boards that you create in Kanbanchi act like files inside your Google Drive and can be easily shared with your colleagues. It eliminates any learning curve and makes knowledge sharing quick and easy.

Many Google users try to track tasks in spreadsheets and with emails. Sometimes the information gets lost through emails and spreadsheets become too long to read. At this point, you might come to the need of having a Kanban board or a Gantt chart. These tools will help you to visualize your projects and track tasks. Kanbanchi has both of them under one subscription. So, you won’t be paying for a Kanban board and a Gantt chart separately.

Tracking tasks never was so easy for Google Workspace users.

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