What does Gantt stand for?

What does Gantt stand for? Gantt is the last name of Henry Gantt who introduced the first chronological chart as a project management system. As it often happens, the name since then is widely used to describe such kind of charts. Gannt, or Gantt chart, in its simple form, is a horizontal bar chart that shows a project plan on a timeline. You will see all the tasks in your project in chronological order and will easily understand it. Gantt charts are widely used in project management and team management.

Simple Gantt chart made in Kanbanchi app

Do I need a Gantt chart?

The most popular question among project and team leaders is whether they need a Gantt chart at all. First of all, decide if your project is time-sensitive. Most of the modern projects are. Your client, managers or stakeholders won’t wait forever until you have perfectly done your job. The agility of a modern world puts all teams under the pressure of schedules and deadlines. This pressure becomes higher when you are not only responsible for your own tasks but also for the tasks that your teammates are doing.

If you are responsible for a long and complex project that involves many people, then most likely that having a visual Gantt chart will help you to achieve better results. You will not overload your team, you will save much time, and you will never get lost.

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How to create a Gantt chart?

The times of paper and pen Gantt charts are long gone. Our constantly changing world and environment demand tools that can adjust. Tools that allow not only to create an initial draft of your project but to make changes at any stage. Online tools do it the best. There are plenty of Gantt chart apps out on the market. You may choose from the apps that provide only the creation of separate Gantt charts, as well as from the apps integrated with other useful tools.

  • Specific online tools that provide only Gantt charts
  • Apps that cover multiple functions and can be used for creating Gantt charts as well (like Excel, for example)
  • Tools for project management and teamwork that cover all the needs including creating the Gantt chart

What does Gantt stand for in Kanbanchi?

Gantt charts in Kanbanchi may support all kinds of projects, from the simplest to the most complex ones. In addition to the tasks on a timeline, you will be able to monitor the progress of the tasks, check the deadlines and quickly reschedule when needed. The chart will show you dependencies and relations between tasks.

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