Why do we need online collaboration tools?

Collaboration is the key to effective work and achieving aims. However, a lot of employees still have to work remotely. It causes vast negative effects to collaboration for the teams that are spread across various geographic and time zones. Here is the point where online collaboration tools will help a lot.

An online collaboration tool is an application allowing you and your teammates to work together and share data with each other online. Make it a part of your digital workplace and it will bring your partners, staff and clients together facilitating the achievement of your common goals.

Implementing a collaboration tool is sure to bring your organization a lot of benefits

As you can be anywhere and choose anytime to log in to a collaboration tool there’s no more need to move to the same location where the person you’re meeting is. So you can save some money on transport. And the case when you and the partner live in different cities or even countries might make the sun saved on travelling and accommodation quite serious.

Once logged in, such tool’s features as task management and calendars allow you to control deadlines and don’t forget about meetings and other important events. While communicating with your teammates or partners you have an opportunity to immediately record any necessary follow-up actions. The tool might even send reminders to ensure that these or that task or duty will be completed.

Collaboration tools also allow you to capture all your great ideas in one place and don’t lose them. As such tools are usually easily searchable, you and your teammates can track down a required idea with ease.

A collaboration app will give you an opportunity to have document version control. Instead of sending a doc by email many times you just need to upload a document and assign your teammates. Now all of you can work together in real-time and reach the result you need much faster. Thus you can always be sure that all of you have the latest version of a document. You may also store all the related to the document comments in one place to simplify access and analysis.

With collaboration tools, you may have all the necessary work documents and data in one place. On the one hand, it increases security as you have total control over who has access to your data. You may set permissions, allowing only certain partners or teams to view a document or a range of documents. The teammates needn’t send documents to each other, so a document can’t be accidentally sent to the wrong person.

On the other hand, it highly increases productivity as it cuts down the time that you and the teammates spend searching for documents. It also makes notifications showing what should be done first of all. So all of you spend less time on different admin-related things. Thus you have more time for valuable tasks.

Make the right choice while you are looking for a collaboration tool is not easy. We suggest you give a try Kanbanchi. It is an easy-to-use collaboration and project management tool fully integrated into the Google ecosystem. The App contains an online Kanban board synchronized with a Time tracker, Gantt chart, Team Workload, and other views for more professional usage. Working with Kanbanchi, you can continue storing all your data on your Google Drive or Shared Drive, easily use it to raise your productivity, and needn’t worry about safety.

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