Does Google have a Taskboard?

Taskboard might be the best solution for those keen on to-do lists. But if you’re a Google user, is there a Google taskboard? People prefer to put completed tasks on the lists just for the satisfaction of crossing them off. 

To-do list in Google Calendar

Some use Google Calendar as their to-do list or a taskboard but it can get confusing when someone wants to book time with you that is already booked by “shopping with friends”. Google Calendar doesn’t allow you to put more important tasks ahead of less important ones, to prioritize them. 

To-do list in Google Tasks

Another option is to use Google Tasks. It enables you to create to-do lists within your email. You can manage, capture, and edit your tasks from anywhere with to-dos that sync across all the devices. But Google doesn’t offer any taskboard where you can observe all of the tasks, put them to different lists, prioritize and track progress. 

Taskboard in Kanbanchi

The best solution here might be using a tool like Kanbanchi that is integrated with Google and helps to create to-do lists and even tight them in a more complex process and set up your own unique taskboard. 

Kanbanchi meets the most common request from project managers working in companies that use Google Workspace. They need to have an app that supports a kanban board, Gantt chart or resource board. At the same time, they need to attach files from Google Drive and synchronize them with Google Calendar.

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