Why “Google Workspace project management” is going to be among the search queries trends soon?

Google Workspace offers you a complete app pack for business. It is incredibly easy to install, maintain, and use. You are able to handle internal data organization, add storage, switch to another email address, access any other Google services, etc, all at once. So why “Google Workspace project management” is going to be among the search queries trends soon?

Can You Use Google Workspace To Manage Projects?

Project management tools help teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Whether you are working on personal or business projects, effective collaboration is now more important than ever before. It helps to build strong relationships with your team members and move your projects along efficiently. Especially if the people who are involved in your teamwork live in different countries, it will be much easier for them to interact with each other via Google apps rather than doing it face to face.

While there is a high demand for this tool, Google is offering its Workspace with no such project management tool. That is why “Google Workspace project management” is going to be among the search queries trends soon, as its users are in need of an app to manage their projects.

Does The App For Project Management Within Google Workspace Exist?

The lack of a project management app in Google Workspace is a big and obvious drawback, but luckily there is a solution. There are already many players on the market who have released their own project management apps that could be used to improve productivity in your team. Let’s see what is the alternative for Google Workspace users.

Kanbanchi is the easiest tool available to manage your tasks with Google Workspace. The user interface of Kanbanchi is highly responsive and comes with many features like Kanban board, Gantt Chart, Time Tracker, and Checklists. You can even attach files separately or sync them to your Google Drive.

It is a fast and easy-to-use project management tool, with a simple user interface and a lot of features. Kanbanchi helps you manage your tasks in a clear and visual way that is easier for you to prioritize them in the order of importance. Whether it is a small or large project, Kanbanchi always helps you visualize your project status. You can easily share projects, tasks with cards, and checklist with other users in the team.

Start your free trial with Kanbanchi today! You will see how easier it is to manage all of your ongoing projects at once with this tool.

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