Is There a Google Workspace Project Management Tool Available?

If you have already tried the Google Workspace suite, then you know that it is a useful collection of apps that let you collaborate easily with colleagues. Yet, the lack of a dedicated Google Workspace project management tool might make you wonder whether it is truly suitable for your team’s needs.

This is a vital point, as an integrated project management tool is necessary for letting you all work together seamlessly. Without this capability, you might find that you need to create manual workarounds for your projects or use one of Google apps in a way it wasn’t designed for.

The Kanbanchi Option of Google Workspace Project Management Tool

The good news is that you can now find a Google Workspace project management option by looking at Kanbanchi. This is an app that has been specifically created to work perfectly with Workspace. This means that it gives you a familiar user experience while adding in powerful project management features.    

google workspace project management

With so many people looking for a project management tool that works smoothly with Workspace, this option can prove to be the right choice. It works just like all of the other files you have in your Google Drive, allowing you to create project boards that you can share using Drive or else open from within the app.

google workspace project management

You’ll be ready to use it in next to no time. You’ll instantly access tools such as Kanban board, Gantt chart, and resource board. You can also effortlessly attach any files needed from Drive and synchronise everything using Calendar.  

Don’t waste time looking for Google Workspace project management solutions that aren’t right for you. The Kanbanchi tool gives you all of the features you need, together with seamless integration. Give it a try and make Google Workspace even better.

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