How can I automate my workflow with Kanbanchi?

To automate your workflow you may use the following Kanbanchi features:

  • Board templates: you may choose one of the defaults Kanbanchi templates to adopt the app easily and start project planning right away. Additionally, you may save an existing board as a template and use the same structure for another department.
  • Card templates: in case most of your cards are of the same structure, you may use card templates and perform fewer actions while setting your board up.
  • Recurring cards: tasks of recurring nature are common for most types of workflows. Set up the schedule and parameters and Kanbanchi will create the cards for you.
  • Dependency chain shift on the Gantt chart: you may change dates for the group of dependent tasks at once.
  • Card progress automation: depending on the status of a card, it will be put into a specific list of your board or the other way round, when you move a card to a specific list, it will merked as done.

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