What Does Kanban Board Mean For Agile?

The Kanban board is an incredibly helpful tool for teams using Agile. In today’s digital age, countless companies are finding that they need to become more efficient, competitive, and agile in order to keep up with competitors. For such organizations, the Kanban methodology for process improvement is proving to be the ideal strategy to improve their business processes. So let’s take a look at what Kanban means for Agile and what is Agile and Kanban itself.

What Is Agile And Kanban?

Agile methodologies are based on changing priorities and delivering new features with short interval timeframes. This means having teams capable to deliver small parts of the project rapidly, using scrum methodology. Successful Agile teams do not generally consider themselves to use a single methodology. Instead, team members prefer working with a certain set of Agile tools once their projects become more mature.

Kanban is a very essential and powerful Agile project management tool. It comes from the Japanese word Kanban and has two meanings: Visual Card and Sign-board. The significance of these two words is that they highlight the importance of using visual tools instead of text-based info to plan, manage and track a project’s progress.

What Does Kanban Board Mean For Agile?

If you are an Agile user, then it stands to reason that you know exactly what Kanban is – it’s a methodology that allows you to remove waste through the use of visual boards and cards. In Agile, the Kanban board is a visual representation of the workflow of how the team approaches their work. It shows what tasks are involved and how they progress by giving you the ability to see everything at a glance. The Kanban methodology was created with this in mind, as it breaks down each step of your process for managing any project.

When you’re thinking about starting to use Agile, you often hear that Kanban is the recommended approach. Mostly because it is more of a flexible methodology. If you want to know about Kanban and Agile project management, let’s agree that you should start with a visual approach. A Kanban board isn’t always necessary. But it can be the most useful tool for any Agile project because it can help to keep one thing in mind at all times – the concept of staying flexible.

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