What are key features of productivity applications?

Productivity software was worked out to provide a hassle-free work experience for individuals, organizations, and corporations. At the same time, it should help them follow through with their daily tasks efficiently. Modern productivity applications combine project management, task calendar, file sharing, and other features required for managing projects and use the team’s resources effectively. It is especially important now as many companies continue working remotely.

However before you can take advantage of using the productivity software, you need to find the right PM tool for your team. But what features of productivity applications are truly needed?

Here are 7 key features of productivity applications we advise you to pay attention to:

Intuitive use. The App should be intuitive and easy enough to be used on a daily basis. So that all the team members could enjoy using the application instead of hating it for the added stress.

Customizable views. Organized in the right for you way Kanban boards and other views into your projects will help you to prioritize the projects and keep everything under control.

Several views. The opportunity to view a project by timeline, across the whole team, and by individual team members ensure qualitative progress tracking.

Recurring tasks give you an opportunity to set ongoing monthly, weekly, or daily tasks according to the requirements of your workflow. So you needn’t manually recreate tasks performed on a regular basis.

Tasks via Email. The ability to create tasks by email saves a lot of time. But it is especially helpful when you have no opportunity to open the App itself.

Reminders and notifications are necessary to avoid missing an important timeline or loss of essential information.

Single sign-on with Google or Microsoft accounts simplifies the set up of a productivity application profile. It ensures a one-step login experience and quick access to your projects.

To get all the listed key features in one productivity application try Kanbanchi. It has Google sign-on, a familiar Google interface, and works within Google Drive. That’s more Kanbanchi provides a great project management suite including Kanban board, List view, Gantt chart, and a Team Workload view. You can also use Archive, various Reports, Time tracker, and other useful tools for everyday workflow. The App also has Kanbanchi for Gmail add-on to create cards directly from Gmail. So is sure to help you do more with less effort.

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