How to use Gemini AI with Google Workspace

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Google Workspace now offers an AI assistant named Gemini. Integrated within Workspace apps like Gmail and Docs, Gemini can help users with tasks like data analysis, email writing, and brainstorming. This could be a significant productivity tool for businesses of all sizes.

First of all, let’s go through the interface really quickly. So we have this area where we can chat with the AI and the left-side panel. On the left you can see the “New Chat” button and your recent chats. The Help button is also here. You can check the Activity and Settings. Moreover, you can find Extensions that you may connect to, and your public links in the left-side panel. Additionally, you can switch to the Dark theme and enable real-time responses.


You will find a bunch of extensions, but the most important one is the “Google Workspace” extension. With the help of this extension, you will connect this AI to your Gmail, Drive, and Docs. Make sure you enable it and connect it with your Google account. After that, you're ready to use Gemini AI with Google Workspace.


To use the Workspace extension, type @ and choose the app you would like the AI to work with. For instance, you may select Gmail and type a prompt. “Find two last unread emails and describe their content briefly”. The AI finds the required emails and says when I received them and what kind of content they have. You may click “Show more,” and it will display the other unread emails. You may check if you love this response or not. Also, you may click on the Share icon and export the response to Docs or Draft in Emails. This three-dots icon will help you to copy the content or report legal issues. You may completely regenerate the draft.

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Gemini works with Drive. Let's try the “Find the three last updated docs” prompt. After assessing documents, the AI provides documents and you can access them right from the Gemini interface.


Gemini can create a checklist for you. For example, you may type "Compose a checklist on how to boost my productivity." Click the “Modify response” icon and the AI will make it shorter or longer, simpler, more casual, and more professional.


Gemini with Google Workspace allows you to export this checklist to Docs just in two clicks.


Gemini AI integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, bringing the power of AI to your familiar tools. This collaboration streamlines workflows, enhances decision-making with real-time insights, and provides quick and brief data outlines.

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