How to transfer ownership in Google Drive?

There could be many reasons to transfer ownership in Google Drive. Maybe you work with deliverables and want to be able to free space in your Drive after you finish a job, or maybe someone in your team is leaving, and you need to transfer the files they own to someone else in your team.

To transfer ownership of a file or folder on Google, you just need to click on it with the right button of the mouse and choose Share.


First, you need to give access to the person to whom you want to transfer the ownership of the file.

Once they are given access, select the box with their level of access, and select Transfer ownership.


Once they accept the transfer, the file or folder won’t appear in your Drive and will not count toward your storage limit. The new owner can also revoke your access to it.

There are, however, some limitations. You can transfer ownership of a file within an organization or between personal accounts. However, organization accounts and personal accounts can’t transfer ownership between themselves.

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