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Online Collaboration – A Competitive Advantage for Small Business and Start-ups


Collaboration is fundamental in any working environment. It’s developing with Internet accessibility and the rise of online teamwork. There are numerous benefits it gives organizations, particularly independent businesses and startups that have limited resources. More businesses and startups can acquire an upper hand over similar organizations and advantage from multiple points of view. A portion of the manners in which they can profit with online collaboration incorporates the following.

Saves time and money

Private companies and startups need more monetary assets to recruit and relocate specialists. Probably the best expertise might be found in an alternate piece of the world and moving and repaying them might be expensive. It is less expensive to recruit and work with them on the web. With online collaboration, businesses can recruit or reevaluate a group of specialists from various pieces of the world and unite them on one online platform.

It additionally lessens costs with regards to employing individuals to work in different pieces of the world. For example, if a few activities are being carried out in various regions, a business will require a project manager for every one of those regions. With online collaboration, it is feasible to have one project manager for managing multiple projects.

Improved team communication

Since small businesses and startups are searching for approaches to lessen costs, it’s useful for them to have some part of their representatives working from home. In this situation, they don’t have to rent a major office to accommodate every one of their representatives. Instead, they can keep working as a team with online collaboration tools, for instance, have shared boards. Many dashboard tools have implemented Kanban boards, because of the simplicity of the Kanban method.

Kanbanchi is one such app that upholds the Kanban methodology totally.

With online tools, communication between workers is significantly upgraded. One may contend that Skype and email may work. These don’t have highlights that can assist with sharing project details for each colleague in a productive way. Along with collaboration tools, they make online communication more powerful. Some of the features that email and skype need are task tracker, reportings or bug tracker.

Good for handling emergencies

Online collaboration isn’t just for distant working. Organizations that don’t employ freelancers could profit as well. There may emerge a crisis when employees are not at the workplace, and you need to coordinate them. Rather than calling them to go to the workplace, which is tedious, it is smarter to get them to team up on the web. There are circumstances when a worker may go to another country or is out of the workplace going to different organizations like meeting a client. Without an online collaboration tool, work can stop until the employee returns to the workplace. With online collaboration, particularly for businesses that don’t have additional assets to employ extra people to fill in, work can proceed and all tasks might be running. Any postpone will make other businesses acquire a benefit over them.

Remote accounting

Similarly, as with a project manager, there is no need to employ a dedicated accountant. Workers that are not needed on a full-time premise can be employed on an hourly premise. This is an extraordinary way for small businesses and startups to decrease costs.


Online collaboration can be exceptionally gainful for small businesses and startups as it offers ways for them to lessen expenses and recruit specialists from different pieces of the world. They would then be able to zero in leftover assets on going up against their rivals. Obviously, it’s insufficient for successful management, but it’s a decent start.

If you want to try online collaboration for your team, you may begin with Kanbanchi, as it’s simple to utilize, has an intuitive interface and is completely incorporated with Google Drive.

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