nihr case study

How Kanbanchi Helps NIHR To Manage Every Work Process

Today we would like to share a story of our favorite customers that have been our loyal customers for a while now. Meet NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) – the largest national clinical research network in Europe. It is operating as a part of the UK government’s health research strategy “Best Research for Best Health”. And this is how NIHR uses Kanabnchi to manage every work process.

nihr case study

Together, NIHR people, facilities, and systems drive research from bench to bedside for the benefit of patients and the economy from 2006.

The main objectives of the Institute are:

  • funding high-quality research to improve health
  • training and supporting health researchers
  • providing  world-class research facilities
  • working with the life sciences industry and charities to benefit all
  • involving patients and the public at every step

Of course, there are many tools and methods that their employees use in their day-to-day work. One of the critical fields that are of high importance for NIHR is the project management field. 

In 2015 NIHR started exploring the opportunities to turn to the collaborative approach and transparent workflow management. The whole Institute decided to adopt Google Workspace first as the instance for collaboration and data sharing. This was a huge transformation on all the company’s levels, but it brought the awaited results. Processes started running more smoothly and fast.

Searching For The Right Tool

However, there still was a need for a tool for project management that could be well-integrated with Google Workspace. Despite that data sharing need was now fulfilled, there still was a big gap between Microsoft Project Management for managing projects and controlling workflow and a new way of collaboration with Google Workspace. In other words, NIHR needed something that could stay in one line with Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, and the whole Google Workspace pack.

So, the search went on again. Many tools were compared and tested until they found Kanbanchi. It is the app that will change your approach to project management forever. In fact, Kanbanchi has been compared to other tools thoroughly. After that its integration with Google Workspace alongside the flexibility of the app that could be set up for the needs of every department was found to be exactly what NIHR needed.

Kanabnchi enables its users to accomplish tasks on any device and in real-time. For NIHR it provided a collaborative environment for teams. And has also made sure that personalization is easy so that everyone only gets the most relevant information for themselves or for the whole team.

Kanbanchi’s Integration with Google

As many of you know, Kanbanchi is an app that complements Google Workspace apps and is integrated into Google’s infrastructure. This Google integration allows you to give flexible access permissions to your colleagues. Moreover, you can create events in your Google Calendar, attach forms, sheets to the cards, and much more. Kanbanchi offers features like Kanban board, Gantt Chart, Time Tracker, and Reports for its users. That is why NIHR chose our app among other competitors.

Kanbanchi also can help you to organize your team, plan and control your workflow, analyze performance and achieve your business goals. It is easy to use, highly visual, and completely integrated into Google Workspace so that you can stay productive anywhere at any time with any mobile device.

How NIHR Uses Kanbanchi Today

Nowadays Kanbanchi is one of the official project management tools in NIHR. It is used widely across the organization from research and IT departments to the medical facilities and nurses. It is the tool that helps people manage almost every work process that they have. Meanwhile, people at NIHR use the app very differently, some of them need it on a daily basis to check their tasks, some of them use it for strategic monthly planning. Gantt chart is one of the most demanded features across NIHR.

Introducing Kanbanchi as an official tool has been a great move toward transparency within the organization. But this could be now called a good experiment. Only in the first year of usage, the number of users grew three times. 

Kanbanchi provides users with a collaborative environment for any team. In addition, Kanbanchi has all of the features you need to run any project and focus on the work itself. We wanted to build a project management app that you can use from both desktop and mobile devices and integrates with Google Workspace. Kanbanchi is a perfect project management tool that lets you create visual cards on Kanban boards. You can create multiple boards in one account, collaborate online with colleagues, manage tasks, and plan campaigns. If you want to try Kanbanchi today, then follow the link below!

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