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5 Ways an Enterprise Kanban Board Helps Manage Multiple Teams

The development team just launched a new product feature. Marketing was unaware that the feature was available. What should have been a time to celebrate, turned into a rush job to release the news to the market. Sounds familiar? Using an Enterprise Kanban Board would have helped manage multiple teams by keeping them aware of the various project states.

Sharing and collaborating among resources is a key element to support and facilitate the workflow of a project. The enterprise project management office works hard to distribute project information, but sometimes resources do not receive the information they need to help contribute to the project’s success.

Using enterprise online tools can go a long way to ensuring that all teams can see the status of all projects being worked on. These tools facilitate sharing information across the organization enabling collaboration and teamwork.

An Enterprise Kanban Board can fulfill this need, and by implementing it within your organization, you will be able to do the following:

Obtain a Quick Visual of the Project Status

An enterprise dashboard provides a simplified quick visual to all teams within the organization. Everyone is busy and does not have the time to go through various project reports when a simple visual can provide all the information that they need.

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Optimize the Workflow Process

Your Kanban board can be customized to reflect the workflow processes within your organization. People tend to be visual so having the project status displayed in its entirety gives the teams the opportunity to visualize the flow. This encourages teams to collaborate effectively and improve the workflow process.

Improve Collaboration

It is not uncommon for an organization to have global teams, employees working remotely, consultants, or freelancers to make up the project resources. Taking advantage of enterprise collaboration software can help bring everyone together, sharing information and keeping up to date with the latest project information. Teams that are kept well informed can respond quickly to address issues to minimize any disruption in the workflow.

Encourage Teams to Use the Same Product Language

A Kanban board can promote the usage of the same product language among the teams. When everyone uses the same product language, it enables them to communicate effectively with each other.

Easily Integrate with Existing Corporate Tools

Many enterprise collaboration software can seamlessly integrate with the most popular corporate tools. When your collaboration tool easily integrates with other enterprise software, it creates an environment to easily share and view information to reduces inefficiencies and increase productivity. Collaboration software like Kanbanchi integrates with Google apps making monitoring, controlling, and sharing information easier than ever.

Poor communication and collaboration among teams can impede a project’s success. Add to the mix the challenge of managing multiple teams can create havoc with your project. Selecting a tool like an Enterprise Kanban Board will facilitate the workflow among your teams and improve the visibility of the project status within your organization.

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