Enterprise project management systems are used by many companies to help them run multiple projects simultaneously.

The Benefits of Using Enterprise Project Management Systems

Enterprise project management systems are used by many companies to help them run multiple projects simultaneously. It is a clever way of bringing all of your projects under one umbrella, but what specific benefits should you be looking to gain from working in this way?

The good news is that there are numerous advantages to taking this approach that you should know about. The following are some of the key benefits to bear in mind when you consider whether to implement this way of working in your company in the future.

Lower the Project Risks

Every type of project comes with a series of risks, and there is no way to completely remove them. However, there are many good ways of lowering the risk and of giving each project the best possible chance of success. When you use the enterprise management (EPM) approach, you get to see the potential risks relating to issues such as different projects impacting one another or the same resources being involved in more than one piece of work at the same time.

As a company grows, there is an increasing risk of different teams taking on projects that cover the same area. This can lead to wasted resources and might even cause huge problems if they each come up with differing solutions and look to implement them. Since EPM gives you a transparent overview of the company’s projects, it becomes far easier to spot any overlap that should be avoided.

Better Planning Phases

The success of a new project often begins at the planning stage, where everything needs to be carefully thought through and then put into a plan that is easy to understand. If this stage isn’t carried out effectively, it will be an uphill struggle from then on.  This can vary if you use a methodology such as Agile that places less emphasis on planning in advance. However, you are still looking at taking the roadmap and product vision into account.

It is easy to see why the right enterprise project management systems can help to improve the strategic planning phase. When you are able to see all of the relevant information very clearly, it is a lot easier to work out how best to do things on all of the diverse projects. 

An Enhanced Approach to Teamwork

Working together as a team doesn’t always come naturally in businesses that have groups of staff working of a range of projects. It is very easy for people to get caught up in what they are doing and forget that they are part of a bigger team where everyone is working towards the same goals using the company’s overall values.

The benefit of using enterprise project management systems in this case is that it lets everyone work together more easily and transparently. They certainly shouldn’t feel as though they are working alone when they are part of an integrated software approach where sharing information is easy. Everyone will feel that they are pulling together for the good of the company. 

Increases Productivity Levels

Ultimately, the goal of any project management approach has to be increased productivity. The idea is that your team can get through their project work more smoothly and produce better results in less time. This will allow the company to progress more rapidly, as you won’t be wasting any of your budget on projects that stall or drag on for a long time.

You will be using your resources more smartly and giving all of the team members the chance to see exactly what is going on across their projects and any other related pieces of work. This should lead to better communication and less time wasted on looking for updates and solutions that have already been produced by someone else.  

How to Get Started with an Effective Enterprise Project Management System

Finding a suitable piece of project software to use across the company might seem like a daunting task. After all, you can’t afford to make any mistakes if it is going to be used by so many people across different teams. Enterprise project management systems need to be easy for everyone to learn and cover everything that you might need to do on your various projects. 

This is why online suites of tools, such as Google Workspace, have become so popular across the planet. Workspace gives you access to a huge range of tools that let you share documents, set up virtual meetings, and carry out a range of other tasks very easily. Since it uses familiar-looking tools for the likes of word processing, emails, and spreadsheets, just about anyone can get started on it smoothly.

Where Does Kanbanchi Fit in?

Google Workspace is a solid option for many companies looking to adopt enterprise project managements systems. However, one gap in this suite is that it doesn’t have a dedicated project management or task management app.  This can lead to teams using other tools in the suite to carry out things they weren’t designed for, using manual workarounds to fill the gaps. 

In this case, Kanbanchi proves to be a better option that helps out greatly. It is the only project management app that fully integrates with Google Workspace, meaning that it is easy to use with Workspace. It is also easy to get started on, as it uses a similar interface so that there is no need to carry out a lot of training when your team start using it. 

There are plenty of good reasons for using enterprise project management systems to run better projects. By incorporating Google Workspace and Kanbanchi, you can get all of the benefits of this way of working without any fuss or delay. 

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