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5 Best Google Workspace Tools For Business

Even if your business is successful, why do you stop there? If you want to grow in the right direction, you need to maintain a high quality of work, efficiency in time usage, and smooth communication. You can speed up your work with proper tools. They can save your time and increase your revenue. There are a lot of online tools for business owners, but it’s not easy to choose the right ones. And in this article, I would like to talk about Google Workspace tools for your business.

​​There are many Google Workspace tools that are difficult to approach for the non-tech savvy entrepreneur. However, if you want to be effective in managing your business, you need to catch up with the latest trends in internet technologies. Project management, accounting, analytics, bookkeeping software are in great demand among businesses of all scales in different countries.

What Is A Google Workspace Tool?

Google Workspace itself is a collaboration tool that offers businesses and startups the opportunity to build and customize their workspace for conducting daily tasks and projects, connecting people together with instant access to documents, calendars, and other digital content. It will be very useful for you if you find yourself working with remote workers and teams on a daily basis. The Google Workspace tools for business are great apps that create smooth communication, work sessions between clients and companies, and elevate the production capacity of businesses.

Depending on the ways you consider, there are hundreds of Google Workspace tools for business. Each one is dedicated to its own functionality and focus. However, you should know that not every tool is worth your attention. There are a wonderful number of apps and services that can help to improve the productivity of any business, no matter what area it works. 

5 Best Google Workspace Tools For Business

Let’s check out the best Google Workspace tools for business everyone should use for a successful company growth both in the offline and online world.

1. Kanbanchi for Google Workspace

Kanbanchi for Google Workspace is online project management, task management, collaboration software with awesome features like Kanban Board, Gantt Chart, and Time Tracker. It brings the concept of Kanban to your browser. It’s a great tool for small businesses, and also allows teams to collaborate on large projects seamlessly. Kanbanchi uses a visual, Kanban-based system to allow you to create a workspace for your team and to prioritize tasks from all departments or projects. With one click, members can add new tasks to the project tracker, and use the drag-and-drop feature to prioritize them in their row. 

Visualize your flows and productivity with Gantt Chart. See how you perform with Time Tracking. Forward-looking forecasts help you to be prepared for the future. Kanbanchi is an easy-to-use app that will help your team to easily collaborate with each other. It is a perfect tool to keep track of deadlines, connect with team members, assign tasks, create checklists. With Kanbanchi, you can organize your projects and prioritize your workload.

2. Freshdesk for G Suite

Freshdesk is built for teams that are serious about providing the best possible customer experience across multiple channels. It offers a single platform to manage multiple support channels, automate customer issues, track their satisfaction, analyze performance metrics and measure success with intelligent reporting. With Freshdesk you are always in control of your customer’s experience. Integrated with Google Apps, Freshdesk is simple to implement and easy to use so you can give customers the help they need, where they need it. Using Freshdesk to deliver support across multiple channels like phone, email, chat, social, etc, to its users has helped Freshworks to increase customer satisfaction. 

3. Business Hangouts for G Suite

Business Hangouts is a great way to conduct webinars, training, and demonstrations. It is built in the G Suite ecosystem to bring live events to your users, so it extends beyond an internal webcast to an event that can be integrated with the rest of your company’s applications. With Business Hangouts you can host webinars and webcasts for thousands of viewers at once. Invite user groups or individuals directly from your contacts, then start broadcasting in minutes. Business Hangouts also allows you to share your screen, PowerPoint slides, documents, and more, making your demonstration more interactive.

4. QuickBooks for G Suite

QuickBooks is accounting software for your business. It helps businesses to instantly connect to other apps and keep track of the expenses, and see your financial information in real-time. Put your accounting and business management on autopilot. From receiving payments to managing employees and inventory, QuickBooks for G Suite is built with intuitive business tools to handle all of your accounting and payroll tasks – streamline the way you work and reduce time on paperwork and bookkeeping.

5. Calendly for G Suite

And lastly, another great tool for your business – Calendly. This tool is built with your team and your customers in mind. It works seamlessly with Google Calendar so you’re always able to find the free time you need to collaborate, and never double book appointments with your customers. Your customers can view available times directly on your website or in an email. With Calendly for G Suite, you can easily manage all of your meetings with one interface. By connecting Calendly with the calendar already built into your Gmail account, you can keep everyone on the same page. Plus, it works seamlessly with Google Calendar so you’ll always know what’s on your plate. Give your business the power of online scheduling with this awesome tool. 


So these are 5 of the most efficient online services that easily integrate with Google Workspace. They can help you increase the productivity of your company. If you use all of them correctly, there’s a chance that your business will grow fast and flourish.

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