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How Can a Google Workspace Collaboration App Help Your Team to Reach New Heights?

The challenge of taking a team to new heights of efficiency and productivity is something that can now be tackled with more confidence thanks to the variety of tools that are available to us. As an example, let’s take a look at how a Google Workspace collaboration app can be used to help.

Why Are More Teams Now Using Google Workspace?

This tool is a set of cloud-based apps and tools that follow on from the previous suites named G Suite and Google Apps, while adding new features and being easier than ever to use. Launched in 2020, Workspace has greater levels of integration and connectivity between the different elements. This means that it becomes easier to carry out tasks efficiently without leaving the suite.

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So, you can set up a meeting to discuss a Word document you’re currently editing. You may send an email directly from an Excel document that someone is working on at the same time as you. While these might seem like minor details, this study reveals that the average worker switches between 35 apps over 1,100 times a day. Just think how much valuable time is lost doing this every single day.   

The improvements made to Workspace have undoubtedly encouraged some businesses to turn to it as a way of boosting their productivity. Yet, there is a more important reason why this type of suite of online tools has become so popular. This is the rise of remote working. Some companies let employees work from home and others build global teams where everyone lives and works in different parts of the world.    

Online Collaboration Tools Help with Work-Life Balance

Figures from December 2021 show that 16% of the world’s firms are now completely remote, while 77% of the people who work in this way believe that it helps them to be more productive. Most surveys also suggest that remote workers are more satisfied with their work-life balance than colleagues who go to the office each day. Yet, working alone at home also brings a series of challenges, with the need to find the right online collaboration tools one of the most important of them. 

Microsoft 365 is one of the main alternatives to Google Workspace – along with the likes of OpenOffice and Apple’s iWork. Their blog confirms that the main advantages of using one of these online suites include better communication and being able to keep track of documents more easily. They state that 57% of office workers spend an hour or more every day looking for lost documents.

By using Google Workspace, these teams can very easily share and amend Word files and Excel documents. They can also collaborate through their Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive, among other apps. All of this means that remote teams can now work in a hugely efficient manner. They can start group chats or set up virtual meetings without having to leave what they’re doing.

The Lack of a Google Workspace Project or Collaboration App Matters

So far so good, and there’s no doubt that Workspace meets the needs of many teams in most ways. However, there is one key issue that can stop it from being the perfect solution for some businesses. This is the lack of a Google Workspace collaboration app that helps everyone to track and manage their projects and tasks.

It’s something that will be noticed by different teams in a variety of ways. For example, a business that runs a range of complicated projects may need to use a Gantt board. It needs to track their milestones and see right away how they are progressing. It also helps to show the links between different milestones and how any slippage would affect other parts of the project.

Another example comes with a team that prefers to use a Kanban board to track the progress of their tasks. This type of tool first appeared in the manufacturing industry but they are now widely used in areas as diverse as software development and film production. The Kanban approach gives an at-a-glance summary of whether bottlenecks are developing any part of the process.

Kanban and Gantt Chart In One Tool 

Both Kanban and Gantt are widely used. Once a team uses them, it can seem impossible to go back to work without them. Yet, the absence of these tools can cause big problems if they’ve already adapted to Google Workspace and don’t want to move away from it.      

One option is to use an external tool, which means losing the connectivity and integration.  But it is one of the main benefits of Workspace. By introducing a third-party Kanban board or Gantt chart with no link to Workspace, the team members will lose efficiency and this may have a negative effect on their productivity eventually.

The other approach that some teams have tried is that of creating a manual workaround using the Workspace apps. This involves using one of the tools for something other than it was designed for. It also leads to a reduction in efficiency and can cause confusion among the people who use it.

Kanbanchi Is an Integrated Google Workspace Collaboration App

It isn’t all bad news and forced compromises when you look for a Google Workspace collaboration app that suits your needs. The Kanbanchi app is the one solution available right now that provides a smoothly-integrated tool that lets everyone collaborate on projects and tasks without leaving Workspace. 

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Kanbanchi uses the same sort of interface as Workspace, so users will feel instantly familiar with it. Added to the fact that you can easily use it with popular Google tools like Drive and Word, it’s the sort of collaboration solution that can be brought in with no extensive training sessions or other delays.   

The Outcome You Need – Improved Productivity

No matter how far you are along the road to remote working. Increasing your team’s productivity is the sort of task that you can’t afford to ignore. This is one of the keys to letting your business grow. It keeps everyone in the team happier and more motivated. Switch to using Kanbanchi as your Google Workspace collaboration app. You’ll discover how much easier it is for your team to reach the new heights you have in mind. 

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