New import options in Kanbanchi

We are happy to announce that Kanbanchi has new import options now. Having analyzed various use cases we understood that the new options will come in handy not only during onboarding but also ongoing work. Additionally, more and more users ask questions about possible migration to Kanbanchi from other tools. So we’ve decided to take steps to make the process easier. Let’s check what new import options in Kanbanchi are now available.

Previously, the only import option Kanbanchi had was import from Trello. Again, this was implemented due to numerous requests. Now it is possible to import data from Jira as well. The whole process is extremely easy and takes just a couple of minutes.

import to kanbanchi

Also, now it is possible to import a CSV file to Kanbanchi. We believe, this option will be appreciated by Kanbanchi existing users. We know that some of you need to upload data from Excel and Google Spreadsheets from time to time. You need to perform several simple steps and a board with data will appear in your Kanbanchi.

import to kanbanchi

We hope the release will help newcomers to migrate to Kanbanchi effortlessly. And of course, we believe it will enhance the productivity of the existing users. We will be glad to hear your feedback and suggestions.

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