How can I import my Trello boards to Kanbanchi?

Are you a Trello user curious to try out Kanbanchi? To ease your transition, we have added a new feature – now you can import Trello Boards to Kanbanchi. Here’s a short set of instructions on how to do that.

Step 1: Export Your Trello Board

Log in to Trello and go to the dashboard you’d like to export.

Exported Trello Dashboard

In the Board settings click Print and Export… and select Export JSON

Export JSON from Trello

Don’t be confused if you see the screen full of text. Click Save Page As… and the file in JSON format will be saved on your computer.

Saving JSON Export File To Import To Kanbanchi

For further details, Trello provides a walkthrough for exporting.

Step 2: Import Your Trello Board to Kanbanchi

To import your Trello Board to Kanbanchi you need to sign in to the app, click + Add a New Tab at the bottom of the screen or Open a New Dashboard in the upper left-hand corner. In the provided screen, сlick Import Your Trello Board.

Import Your Trello Board Button

You can select a file from your computer or Google Drive. Kanbanchi will create a new dashboard using your imported data.

Imported Dashboard from Trello

Now your cards from Trello are in Kanbanchi. Now you can play around and see what functionality Kanbanchi offers. Enjoy! 🙂

Watch a short video tutorial:


If you need any help with import from Trello, just drop us a message at We’ll be glad to help you out 🙂

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