Does Google have a project management app?

Does Google have a project management app? This important question arises almost daily among team leads and project managers.Why?

Google provides clients with a bunch of valuable solutions for collaboration and productivity. G Suite (Google Workspace since recently) helps users worldwide to keep on track, move forward and take the business to new heights. But there is no Google project management app.  This is still a significant gap in the suite. Consequently, users have to adjust the built-in products, e.g. Google Sheets, for the project management purposes or seek alternatives.

What project management app should I use?

G Suite Marketplace lists a diverse variety of possible solutions. Kanbanchi stands out and covers user requirements perfectly. It offers easy authentication through Google account. Moreover, Kanbanchi integrates with Google Drive and Google Calendar. Kanbanchi cards can have any Google files as attached. Additionally, emails can be converted into tasks right from Gmail with the help of Kanbanchi for Gmail add-on.

What’s important, Kanbanchi supports various project management approaches offering a range of built-in views. For instance, Kanbanchi includes a digital kanban board along with a Gantt chart. Kanbanchi fills the role of Google project management app seamlessly.

kanbanchi fills the role of google project management tool

If you just like lots of other G Suite users feel the lack of Google project management tool, check out Kanbanchi. A free trial is available.

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