Does Google Workspace Offer A Project Management App?

A big number of companies and businesses are already enjoying the services that Google Workspace offers to its clients. Google created a bunch of tools and apps for small to big size companies. It promotes more flexibility in the lives of business owners. Since the days passed by, it has introduced new and latest apps that can be linked up with almost everything. But does Google Workspace offer a project management app? 

​​There is nothing worse than trying to manage your work projects within a to-do list or spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are great for tracking your projects. However, when multiple people are working on the same project and you need one place to keep track of everything. That’s where project management software comes in handy.

The Importance Of Using A Project Management App

Project management apps allow you to utilize your time by organizing things, scheduling and easily communicating with others. Such apps also help you keep track of your activities and help you focus on a specific task at hand. By using these apps, you can easily create and manage tasks and deadlines, set reminders, contribute to teamwork using comments and chat, organize files into folders and share them with other team members.

Nowadays, most project management apps can help users be more productive and stay organized all through their day-by-day activities. They basically allow you to keep track of your tasks so as to always see where you are and analyze how far you have come. If you have a small team or big organization, you need to leverage using project management apps.

Does Google Workspace Offer A Project Management App?

Google Workspace by default doesn’t provide any online project management tool. Some people tried to find third-party apps that would allow them to use separate apps for their project management needs. However, other users were not sure about whether to use the third-party solutions because of possible security and privacy issues that could arise after switching to a different service provider.

Safe Alternative For Google Workspace Users

So here’s a great alternative solution for their project management needs. Kanbanchi is gaining popularity rapidly as an easy-to-use tool to keep track of all your tasks and projects in one place. If you are looking for a good solution to manage your projects, Kanbanchi might be exactly what you need. The task and project management app allows users to see the progress of their tasks, assign them to team members and control the workflow of the entire team.

The great part is that Kanbanchi is integrated with Google Workspace, so you can open your Kanbanchi projects on Google Drive. Then, you can access all of your data and files seamlessly. Moreover, Kanbanchi makes it possible to collaborate with other team members without inconvenience.

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