How Can A Gantt Chart Help With Project?

Have you ever heard of Gantt charts? I’m willing to bet that if you are reading this article then there is a good chance that you have heard of a Gantt chart before. Especially if you work in project management. Even so, I want to take a step back and remind everyone what the Gantt chart is, the benefits of using it, and how can a Gantt chart help with a project.

What Is A Gantt Chart?

Gantt chart is a visualization tool that a lot of project managers and businesses use to help them plan. It is a great way to visualize tasks, deadlines, and important resources and how everything comes together to achieve a goal. A Gantt chart is basically a bar or a column chart where the major activities of a project have been plotted in the form of vertical bars against time. It provides a clear picture of the future and helps in making better decisions accordingly. 

Originally, the Gantt chart was created by Henry Laurence Gantt in the early 20th century as a way to make project management easier. This was important for bureaucratic businesses that had project managers to manage projects with strict rules about the procedures used. Meanwhile, today Gantt chart tools are occasionally used for large-scale planning but are primarily used for managing projects in small businesses and service sector organizations.

Benefits Of Using A Gantt Chart

Gantt charts offer an easy way to see how long tasks take and are required to complete a whole project. These tools also help to create realistic estimates by providing an overview of all tasks, dates, and deadlines involved in a certain project. They have been designed to make it easier to calculate time and cost while making the scheduling of projects more efficient.

Above all, Gantt charts are super easy to use. Of all the tools for project management in existence, Gantt charts are considered to be among the most popular. The way these charts work gives great advantages over other approaches to managing projects. In addition, you will see them used in project management and also in business plans when you need to demonstrate how a project will be completed.

How Can A Gantt Chart Help With Project?

If you are working on a project, it would be very handy to know how far along you are. Imagine if your project breaks into parts that could be shown on a chart. That way you’d know exactly how much progress you had made. That’s the idea behind a Gantt chart — an easy-to-use visual schedule of your project.

In other words, Gantt charts are ideal for those who want to visualize their project and ensure nothing interrupts the schedule. You can use a Gantt chart to plan that one-off garden project or check the progress on your annual budget. With this tool, you can see at a glance which dates you have left to meet your deadline. Or when you need to start working on an upcoming project. This can help improve your organization and streamline important tasks.

Which App To Choose For Work?

There are plenty of Gantt chart apps online that let you create stunning project schedules. And Kanbanchi is one of the best apps. It helps make your team more effective, by reducing the amount of time you spend in meetings trying to figure out what everyone is working on and whether it’s the best use of their time. 

Kanbanchi offers Gantt chart and Kanban board tools to its clients. It can manage multiple projects at a time, each in its own workspace. When all the tasks have been planned out and the necessary information entered, Kanbanchi produces a set of charts. They allow you to easily monitor the status of your project and make adjustments as needed. Try it today and see how much easier it can be to manage projects.

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