Does Google Workspace have a Task Manager?

Google Workspace is no doubt one of the most powerful packs of apps for business users. Meanwhile, it doesn’t include any Google task manager. So, here come the smaller yet no less great companies, like Kanbanchi, that provide their solutions.

Specifically designed for Google Workspace users, Kanbanchi provides users with the project management and task management solution within the familiar Google ecosystem.
There’s a great demand for a task manager integrated with Google Workspace if we analyze the search level for “google workspace task manager”.

Do people search for a concrete tool?

The main point is to find a tool that operates the same way as Google Workspace. Kanbanchi works in Google Drive and acts exactly like any other file that you put inside your Drive. You can create boards for your projects and then open and share them from your Drive as well as from within the app.
Project managers working in companies that use Google Workspace request to have a task manager that supports a kanban board, Gantt chart or resource board. Also, they would like to continue using the pros of Google Workspace, so they need to share Google Docs and Sheets, collaborate with their teams editing these docs, attach files from Google Drive and synchronize tasks with Google Calendar.

Do these requests sound familiar to you?

Then, Kanbanchi should be your choice! It has all these features in one pack with real-time synchronization. It makes collaboration extremely smooth and transparent so that Kanbanchi will soon become part of your everyday working process.

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