Does Google have a daily planner?

Nowadays, people are overwhelmed and often have to perform many different tasks both at work and in their personal lives. A long time ago in order not to forget anything, people began to use a daily planner. However, in today’s world with frequent changes in tasks and deadlines, paper daily planners no longer cope with their tasks or require too much time to keep up to date. They also cannot remind you of a task if you do not open them yourself. Obviously, the digital age requires digital solutions to this problem.

Nowadays Google services are very popular. So especially now, during the pandemic, work tasks and documents come through Google mail more and more often. The number of Google mail users has increased significantly. People also use Google calendars and other Google services more often, which can partially cover the need for a daily planner. However, a full-fledged Google daily planner still does not exist. Therefore, Google users apply third-party tools that can cope with the functions that Google daily planner should have. You may have even tried some of them. We advise you not to waste time looking through different applications and try Kanbanchi right away.

Why Kanbanchi is perfect for planning?

The advantage of Kanbanchi is that the application was developed with maximum integration into the Google Workspace eco-system. Familiar Google-like interface makes it much easier for Google users to start working with the application. In addition, Kanbanchi is not just a daily planner, but a great project management tool with an impressive set of features. It has several views including Kanban view, List view, Team Workload view, and of course Gantt chart. You can also use a Time tracker, various Reports, an Archive, and other useful features for everyday workflow. With Kanbanchi for Gmail add-on, you can even create cards directly from your Gmail. Kanbanchi is sure to make your everyday life and work easier.

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