How does Kanbanchi integrate with Google Calendar?

Send important events from Kanbanchi to your Google calendar and shared calendars. Let your team know you are working on something awesome!

If you are extensively using Google Apps you will find it beneficial to use Kanbanchi together with Google Calendar. Kanbanchi helps you to track your tasks and the tasks of your team members. Having access to team members’ Google calendars or shared calendars provides more opportunities to notify your colleagues about important events, schedule meetings, or suggest timelines for tasks.

If you want to receive notifications about your events, start or due dates on your calendar or your team calendar, or you have to maintain a shared calendar, then this integration is for you. It’s possible to book a slot in any calendar that you have access to. If you want to reschedule your meetings or tasks, you can easily do it in Kanbanchi. It will automatically change in all google calendars that have the same event.

Watch this short video to get more details.

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Kanbanchi is integrated with almost all Google Apps in a seamless and intuitive way.

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