Google integrated collaboration app

Bonded with Google Drive

Kanbanchi works inside your Google Drive allowing quick access to work boards, secure file storage and easy assets management.

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Connected with Gmail

Gmail add-on converts your emails to actionable tasks. Use familiar communication channel but don't waste time on copypasting.

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Synchronized with Google Calendar

Send important events to your calendar and shared calendars. Let your team know you are working on something awesome!

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Integrated with Google Forms

Collect information from several sources in one place. Have as many forms as you need linked to one board.

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Exportable to Spreadsheets

Each Kanbanchi board can be exported to a Spreadsheet and placed to your Google Drive. Use it later for review or reporting.

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Controlled by Google administrator

Install Kanbanchi for your domain for company-wide usage or control usage by organizational units via the Google Workspace admin panel.

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Linked to Data Studio

Create custom reports for specific processes based on your data in Kanbanchi with the Spreadsheet export and Google Data Studio.

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Searchable via Google Vault

Kanbanchi boards and backup files may be found from Vault. They follow the same rules as any other file in Google Drive.

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