How does Kanbanchi integrate with Gmail?

Convert your emails to actionable tasks. Use familiar communication channel but don’t waste time on copypasting.

There are two options that Kanbanchi has for you to create cards from emails that you receive.

Install Kanbanchi add-on for Gmail

If you use Gmail then installing our add-on will be the most convenient and easiest option. You will be able to convert any email that you receive into a Kanbanchi card and send it to any of the boards available to you. And it’s all in under 30 seconds! All you need to do:

  • Go to Google Workspace Marketplace
  • Find ‘Kanbanchi for Gmail’ add-on
  • Install it

For more detailed guidance, please, consult our FAQ article

Forward your emails to a special address of your Kanbanchi board

This option will work for any email client, either Gmail or other (like Outlook). Each board has a unique email address that you can use to forward emails to. They will also be converted to Kanbanchi cards. What is different in this option from the Gmail add-on?

  • You need to have several email addresses for each board
  • You are limited in a way of editing emails before sending them

For more detailed guidance, please, consult our FAQ article

You might want to auto-forward your emails to a board. Please, review this FAQ article to learn how to set up everything.

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