Does Kanbanchi have a free plan?

Kanbanchi offers a free plan for corporate users who signed-up after 30 September 2020. You will have all the features that Kanbanchi has but only limited to 10 cards on a board.

The free version works for corporate users who don’t necessarily need to collaborate on boards but need to review updates, tasks. Boards with more than 10 cards are available in the read-only mode.

You may upgrade to any paid plan when you feel like you need a more professional usage.

Who is a corporate user?

A corporate user is a person who signs-up using their corporate Google account. Example: And isn’t from the educational organization ( Several educational organizations that don’t have their domains ending with are still recognized by the app like Edu users. It happens after an appropriate request.

Individual users ( can’t have kanbanchi free plan at the moment.

May I have a trial of a paid plan?

Yes, you will be given a 15 days trial of a Professional plan. It will unlock more than 10 cards for your boards and you will be able to manage even the most complex projects with hundreds of tasks. After the trial, you will be reverted back to the free plan. Please, note that you will create more than 10 cards during your trial, which means that almost in 100% cases you will have your boards in the read-only mode.

What else should I know about the free plan?

  • you may stay on the free plan as long as you want
  • the sign will remind you that you may upgrade any time
  • you are free to downgrade back to the free plan
  • if you share boards with someone on a paid plan, they will be able to add more cards and you will be reverted to the read-only mode
  • recurring cards add-up to the number of cards when they appear on a board

If you still have any questions about the free plan, please, contact our support team.

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