Kanbanchi reports requirements

General information about Kanbanchi reports

This article contains information about the requirements for creating data reports in Kanbanchi.

What plan should I purchase to have access to the reports feature in Kanbanchi?

The data for reports creation is collected only for the boards which owner is subscribed to the Professional plan. Kanbanchi automatically started collecting the statistical data for reports creation from 25 April 2019 for ALL the boards which owners are on the Professional plan. Consider upgrading your plan if you need to create reports for your boards.

If I have cancelled the subscription, but want to renew it now, what data my reports will be based on?

If the owner of the board cancels the subscription, we stop collecting data. After the owner renews the subscription the data collection will be started again. However, the data for the unpaid period will not be available (and you may see a flat line or a gap in your reports). The data that has been collected before the subscription cancellation will be still available. 

What statistical data is collected for reports to be generated?

The data collected for reports generation: board ID, the number of cards in each list, the number of done cards in each list.

What changes may influence my reports?

Change of plan may influence the data view (gaps for the periods when the owner of a board was not on the Professional plan). Also, changing the Time zone of a board may result in some incorrect data representation. Please, learn more about Time zones in this FAQ article


Please, note: a collection of statistical data for reports may be affected by such factors as:

-disabled cookies;

-installed browser extensions;

-installed antivirus software;

-installed firewall.

All these factors may result in incorrectly collected data and, consequently, a corrupted report.

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