Project Collaboration: so how do you collaborate on a project?

It’s no secret that the success of a project largely depends on your project collaboration. Effective collaboration within a team makes it easy for everyone to do their best work. Here are five tips that will help your team work together better.

Have a proper project manager

Such a project manager should be good at planning and communication, organized and also able to control, encourage and keep all the team members up to date. All the team members need to get their tasks and the necessary information in time. At the same time, the project manager needs to get visibility overall workflows and keep the people who also need this information in the loop.


Analyze and discuss all the ideas to get a clear conception of what problem you’re solving and ‘why’. It will help to gather the right people for the project. Ensure that all the team members feel comfortable. So that they can share their opinions and thoughts and participate in open discussions. You should also know that to get constructive feedback you need to encourage your teammates to focus on outcomes and try to provide solutions rather than only problems.

Find applications suiting your team’s needs

The right task or project management application is sure to make it straightforward for your and your team’s work done. We would like to inspire you to try Kanbanchi for this purpose. This fully integrated into the Google ecosystem project management tool will help you to manage projects with ease and follow the projects you are interested in. In Kanbanchi you can create tasks/cards and add descriptions, tags and comments, due dates, attachments, and a lot of other features to them. You can assign tasks to people so that everyone can see who specifically participates in the task. You can also configure in-app and email notifications reminding the team members about their tasks when it is necessary.

Make meetings meaningful

Make sure that you gather at the meeting only people who really need to be there. They should be able to add something to the meeting or at least get something useful out of it. If it is not so the team member should better spend this time working on his tasks.

Time is precious, therefore have meetings only when it actually makes sense. I mean when you have some questions or matters that would be easier to discuss face to face in a group setting. You can easily do other updates via the communication tool your team uses. It is also a great idea to make updates in your PM after meetings so that teammates who missed the meeting may view the results, and the others also may revise them to avoid misunderstanding.

Understand the “goal”

It is always difficult to work hard if you don’t see the purpose of your work. Your teammates need to be aware of the value of their contribution and roles. It is not as obvious, but they also need to see the value of other team members’ work. You will get more effective project collaboration if each team member working for the common goal understands how achieving this goal impacts the business.

Hope these tips will help your team to improve your project collaboration and achieve your aims faster.

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