Is there a secure team collaboration software?

Working in a company means working with other people. No matter, whether you are an employee, freelancer, contractor, or entrepreneur – you always have to cooperate with others. And fortunately, thanks to modern technologies, doing so has never been easier. Communicating faster, more successfully, and with less effort. Collaboration apps are changing the way we work.

But despite the growing popularity of collaboration tools, the level of protection offered by most collaboration products is simply not good enough. When you discuss how to protect your company’s sensitive data, the last thing you want to do is create opportunities for hackers to have access. 

Why Is it Important To Use A Secured Team Collaboration Software?

The danger in this use of collaboration apps is that they store files online in the cloud which means they are not only available to anyone with access but are also vulnerable to attack. Companies need to think about security even more than they did before, in order to protect themselves. A study with 500 enterprise participants showed that 2 out of 3 companies have been attacked via collaboration software in the span of one year. Also 3 out of 4 participants believe that the number of such attacks will be increasing. 

In today’s IT climate, the single biggest point of vulnerability for organizations is their people. Especially during the times when remote work became a new normal. This raises a big question: how can we make our people more secure? Even if you aren’t too concerned about sharing your business with the outside world, anyone within your company should be able to see what you are posting, so this is an important feature to look for. Because this information is out in the open, privacy features are important to consider when choosing team collaboration software. Employees will be working on projects that are sensitive, so limiting access to these projects will ensure that you don’t have any inadvertent leaks of sensitive information.

How To Protect Your Data?

To protect your company from hacks, you will need to choose the right security software. This requires looking at different security features. Many hackers try to exploit well-known weaknesses in older applications and common passwords. You can reduce your risk of attacks by protecting yourself against these problems. Most major security packages offer multiple features that work together to detect and prevent hacking issues. Open communication is also key for protection from hackers. It can allow you to find out about potential threats quickly before they become a problem.

Kanbanchi Is A Secure Team Collaboration Software

As Kanbanchi is being built on the Google Cloud Platform it is entirely covered by its privacy and security policy. Also, Kanbanchi doesn’t store data on the apps side. All the data is in our Google Cloud database is encrypted at rest. Kanbanchi employees or third-party can not access it. Also, attachments are stored on the client’s side, in your Google Drive. So you can say it’s a safe software for your team.

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