Why should we use Kanban boards?

You should use Kanban boards to help visualize your work, and quickly get things done. Moving cards from “To Do” to “Doing” and then to “Done” makes the process easy and fun. Kanban boards usage increases yearly as more and more industries adopt this lightweight but powerful tool.

The Kanban method doesn’t involve much control or strict structure of processes and therefore works perfectly in our modern ever-changing environment.

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What are Kanban boards?

The term Kanban is a well-known methodology that originally comes from Japan. “Kanban” means “signboard”. At the time of its invention, it was a physical board with “signs” on it. Those signs were tasks that needed to be done during the production cycle. It was necessary to have something visual to understand what was going on.

In the very simple form, the Kanban board has three lists, “To Do”, “Doing” and “Done” representing three stages that tasks have regardless of work specific. The best short definition of a Kanban board would be “a workflow management tool that you use to visualize work stages”.

Why should we use Kanban boards?

Kanban boards prove to work well for teams of any size in any industry. Any goal-oriented business, team or department could successfully adopt Kanban methodology. You can monitor your team activities, schedule personal tasks or plan complex projects, for any of these, the Kanban board will perform well.

If your team wants to have a visual representation of a workflow, have flexibility at work and improve collaboration, then Kanban boards will be a good option. You can tailor your Kanban board so that it reflects your unique process. It can be changed at any time, so it will evolve and grow together with your team.

When you have one ultimate place to store knowledge about the work you are doing, you will be able to eliminate all repeatable and unnecessary meetings and calls. Instead, your team will have deeper conversations and discussions because they will know most of the information in advance. It is one of the top advantages for distributed teams.

Kanban board helps to stay focused and organized. At any moment you will see what you need to finish before you start one more task. You will easily see the priorities of tasks and distinguish those to do first. Using Kanban boards helps to improve team efficiency.

To summarize it all, you should use Kanban boards because:

  • They help to visualize your work
  • They give your team great flexibility
  • They help you achieve better collaboration
  • They empower your team with an ultimate knowledge base
  • They unify distributed teams
  • They improve team efficiency

How do I start with a Kanban board?

Though you may have a physical Kanban board, it’s obvious that nowadays it will be more helpful to have an online version. Among the apps that provide online Kanban boards, you may choose basic tools or more advanced software. Before you start evaluating our options, set the list of criteria.

Kanbanchi App has an online Kanban board in its simplest version. This application falls under one of the most important criteria – integration with Google Workspace. The quick sign-up process with your Google account allows you to start working with your team in ten minutes.

Kanbanchi is easy to learn, the interface could be mastered by the least tech-savvy person on your team. You start with that simplest Kanban board with three lists and later the tool will evolve together with your team.

Simple Kanban board with three lists. “To Do”, “Doing” and “Done”.

Look at this board above! It has three tasks that you may start doing right now. Install Kanbanchi -> Learn Kanbanchi -> And start collaborating with your colleagues. Start with the free trial period and check it out.

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