Gmail Task Management with Kanbanchi App and Gmail Add-on

Emails come and emails go. We all receive tons of emails including tasks from our directors, managers and colleagues. Gmail task management becomes part of our work despite the fact that Gmail isn’t a tool for task management. We have to adapt and try different ways to control our activities.

There are plenty of task management apps outside in the market and we are to choose the one that is most suitable for us. Coming back to the topic of emails with tasks, there’s a huge need in the app that can work with them directly. There’s simply no time for copying and pasting to create duplicates of tasks in another app when finally many of these tasks start and end in Gmail.

Kanbanchi suggests the powerful combination of the app itself with the Gmail Add-on that saves you time for more pleasant and useful things than copying and pasting emails with tasks.

Kanbanchi Application for Everyday Management

There’s no need to persuade people to have a special tool for tasks and project management. If you are still not sure that you need one, you may read this article describing the benefits of boards.

Kanbanchi application allows you to create a project board and add all your tasks there. In its most simple appearance, it will be a kanban board with lists representing workflow stages.

Kanbanchi board representing the publishing process

Kanbanchi boards can be simple or have more attributes depending on the complexity of your project. Integration with Google Workspace makes them behave like files in Google Drive which makes it extremely easy to pick up the app and start working with it.

Kanbanchi for Gmail Add-on

The newly released Kanbanchi for Gmail Add-on helps you to save time on copying emails to your project board. It connects Kanbanchi and your Gmail so that you should only open an email and the add-on to send tasks to your project board.

Kanbanchi for Gmail Add-on working on the right-side panel of Gmail

Being specifically made for Google Workspace, Kanbanchi is the only online task management and collaboration app that has a Kanban board and Gantt Chart that are synchronized. Now enhanced with the Gmail Add-on it forms the powerful combination that helps your team to collaborate online and successfully manage projects.

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