Easy steps to choose a Google Workspace task management app

It’s not a secret that Google Workspace seems to be the most popular service bundle for business and education. Both these actually need a Google Workspace task management app to effectively.

Task management is an essential process of any job. Generally speaking, even if you have never given it a thought, every time you receive or give tasks you mentally go through some sort of managing process. You define the deadline for the task, consider its priority, indicate the steps that should be fulfilled. A dedicated task management app enhances the process through visualization. It depicts all the significant points of the task via interface e.g. describes the task in detail and shows relations between tasks.

Using a task management app within a team can elevate productivity levels. The app serves as a sort of reminder of what should be done and in what time frame.  Additionally, it displays responsible team members for different tasks which helps the whole team to understand the workload of individuals.

How to choose a task management app?

Choosing a task management app isn’t as difficult as you might believe it to be.

  • Define goals. Start by defining the goals you have for it. It will help you to understand what features are essential for your workflow. 
  • Research. Carry out some research to find out which of the current options best suits your needs.
  • Test. Once you have narrowed down the list to the one that looks right for you, it is time to get the team involved and test it.
  • Feedback. Get feedback from the team. Pay attention to different opinions and experiences.
  • Pros and cons. You can then move on to comparing the pros and cons received in the feedback from the team members who have tried it.
  • Purchase. If the overall result is positive, purchasing and implementing the app comes next.
  • Analyze. After your new task management app has been added to your workflow, it is then simply a question of analyzing how it is used and making sure that you get the maximum benefits from all that it offers.

What’s about Google Workspace clients?

In April 2020 Google Workspace (at that moment Gsuite) reached 6 million paying customers according to the report of CNBC. In addition to this, 120 million students and educators use Google Workplace to collaborate and communicate. Companies of various sizes and industries are listed on the Our Customers page of Google Workspace. And all these people might want an app to keep track of tasks with.

Here at Kanbanchi we often ask our clients how they have found out about the app. Usually, they reply that they simply used the “Google workspace task management app” search query. Since they are already paying for Google Workspace, they naturally want a tool integrated with the suite. This definitely, makes sense!

Just like Google Workspace Kanbanchi is trusted by companies and businesses of all sizes and industries. This fact proves that both services are versatile tools for teams.

Why Kanbanchi?

Kanbanchi customers value the way the app integrates with Google services. First of all, Kanbanchi boards behave just like any other file in the Drive. Shared Drive integration is also possible which appears to be an important feature for enterprises. No doubt, Kanbanchi is secure as all the files attached to Kanbanchi cards are stored in the Drive.

What’s more, Kanbanchi offers a bunch of essential features for successful task management. Being built as a Kanban tool, it offers to arrange tasks on a Kanban board. However, the other views are available as well. For instance, by switching to the Gantt chart you may get an overview of the tasks on the timeline. Alternatively, the Task list can be used to see the tasks in a list with all the properties shown in separate columns.

Of course, Kanbanchi focuses on collaborative features. Thus, tasks can be distributed among team members. It is easy to use a board at the same time with the other collaborators as all the changes are reflected in real-time. No need to refresh!

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