Task Management With Google Workspace

An Ultimate Guide To Task Management With Google Workspace

Google Workspace has many features that help companies set up and run their day-to-day activities with ease. It has the ability to manage projects, tasks, and emails in one place, allow multiple users to work collaboratively, provide information about work progress, make it easy to manage compliance needs, and maintain records of work done.

You can use Google Workspace to easily organize, manage, and share documents with your team. Anyone with a Google or Gmail account has access to use their task management tools. Teams and managers can set up groups in an organization’s workspace to communicate and work together on particular responsibilities and projects using Gmail and its companion business tools.

You can create, share, and update reports and documents using tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You may add events to Google Calendar, collect requests and feedback using Google Forms, and store documents and media in Google Drive.

When combined, these apps offer a full range of contemporary work and task management options. However, when a business expands, putting into place better workflow and system management techniques becomes crucial.

To manage many teams, track progress, and accomplish more at scale, you need project management software that is more sophisticated, organized, and automation-friendly. Spreadsheets are insufficient at this point.

This indicates that it is time to switch to a more capable task and project management solution, such as Kanbanchi. The good news is that Kanbanchi connects with Google’s project management tools and apps, giving you the extra advantages you need to manage your teams and projects more effectively while also increasing organizational efficiency.

 What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a cloud-based digital office suite that was previously known as G-Suite. It is a combination of project management, work, and collaboration applications with an admin dashboard for controlling users, rights, and features.

In order to strengthen security and protect data in an organization’s Google Workspace, administrators can put up sophisticated security features like 2FA and required alphanumeric passwords. Google Workspace apps enable hybrid and remote teams to swiftly and efficiently collaborate.

Does Google have a task management tool?

Google does not have specialized task management software. It keeps frequently adding new capabilities to Google Workspace to enhance its usability and functionality. Instead, Google offers a selection of business tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Chat, and Meet are all part of Google Workspace. All Google users have access to them.

What Google apps are used for task management?

Specific Google apps might be more beneficial for your teams depending on the inputs, outputs, and workflows of your firm. Sheets, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Slides, and Forms are the most widely used Google planning products. Let’s learn about each one in more detail.

Google Sheets

One of the crucial Google project management tools is Google Sheets. It is spreadsheet software for teams and individuals that is hosted in the cloud.

Teams may design and track project plans using Google Sheets, which is straightforward and simple to use. They can also save and alter data and provide detailed reports. To accomplish their objectives, teams can work together in real-time on spreadsheets. In order to promote accountability and transparency and avoid sending duplicate copies of the same document, invited members can view the history of changes made to the sheet.

Google Sheets is a tool that project managers may use to plan and oversee projects. They have the option of either starting from scratch or using the software’s given templates. Google Sheets is still not the best project management tool. It wasn’t designed for project management, but can be used for that purpose. While project managers can construct task lists and timetables, they are unable to observe how resources and requirements are shared between projects.

A visual representation of the project roadmap and who is in charge of what is provided via spreadsheet timelines and manual lists. Google Sheets does not, however, offer useful project management features like alerting team members when a bottleneck exists or highlighting individuals with a lesser workload. Data from previously finished projects could potentially be misunderstood or lost.

Google Docs

One of the most widely used Google planning tools for remote teams is Google Docs. It is a simple cloud-based word processing program that allows teams and individuals to work together in real-time and create documents in a variety of formats, such as.docx,.pdf, or zipped.

The team’s productivity, creativity, and collaboration all increase when using Google Docs. Project plans, product roadmaps, and milestones can be described in detail and distributed by managers to empower their teams, gain buy-in, and solicit feedback.

Google Drive

For the majority of organizations today, Google Drive project management is essential. The cloud-based software application offers a low-cost or free means to organize, store, and distribute files, documents, and other digital assets.

All Google users with a Gmail account receive 15GB of free online storage through Google Drive. As long as users and teams have downloaded the necessary files in advance, they can access documents on Google Drive in locations with slow internet.

Google Drive is not exclusively designed for project management, though. With its cloud-based storage features, it improves project management and team collaboration but does not prioritize project management. There are many different business needs that Google Drive can meet.

Using the right permissions level, Google Drive enables teams and managers to organize files into folders and subfolders before sharing them with particular email groups or team members. Example: view-only access, comments access, and editing access.

You can store and share documents, but you are unable to make tasks, appoint teams to them, extract reports, or monitor progress.

When Google Drive integrates with powerful project management software like Kanbanchi, its capabilities are increased, ongoing projects are streamlined, files and assets are kept accessible, and communication and task information are kept in the same location as your projects.

Google Calendar

Another essential element of Google Workspace is Google Calendar. You can create events, set deadline reminders, and invite members of the engaged team to events using Google Calendar.

Google offers Google Calendar, a calendar program that is made available to Google users at no cost. Managers may plan meetings and events, invite teams and stakeholders, and create calendars for specific projects. To prevent team members from overloading with events and timelines, you may also create and share numerous calendars.

Google Calendar increases team productivity and collaboration when utilized properly. You can customize your calendar to notify you before each meeting or event. You can set up tasks, objectives, and reminders.

Project managers can layer each team member’s schedule to see when everyone is available in large executive teams where it might be difficult to organize events that fit with everyone’s calendar. For the best scheduling outcomes, encourage managers and staff to share their calendars.

By arranging your calendar to deliver a daily agenda containing your daily schedule before you begin working, you may take advantage of automation and take more control over your schedule. This makes it easier to remember crucial upcoming events and team meetings.

You can enhance your Google Calendar project management capabilities and easily track objectives, tasks, and other milestones by integrating Google Calendar with your project management program like Kanbanchi.

Google Slides

Another excellent Google planning tool for both individuals and businesses is Google Slides. You can create presentations, proposals, and other graphic documents with it.

What about project management, though? To sketch out your vision, set deliverables, and produce project reports with graphs, charts, and visual components, Google Slides offers simple tools.

Google Slides is especially helpful for scattered or remote teams. During online video meetings conducted using Zoom, Google Meet, or other video conferencing software, it permits screen-sharing and live presentations.

In order to make it simple for team members to stay informed about ongoing projects, you can attach a Google Slides link to meeting notes and calendar invites. Additionally, Google Slides offers templates to make work go more quickly. 

Google Forms

A free online survey or questionnaire tool is Google Forms. It allows easier gathering of opinions and responses from teams, customers, and other stakeholders.

One of the core Google project management tools is Google Forms. It makes gathering information and feedback from internal and external sources simpler. It also presents the results in various ways like graphs, charts, and spreadsheets. Google Forms is quick and simple to set up, and it integrates well with other Google workplace products.

Google Forms is useful to automate certain of your chores and projects even though it is not a specialist project management tool. Examples include receiving service or support inquiries and comparing project-relevant data side by side.


The focal point of Google project management is Gmail. It currently has more than 1.8 billion users globally, making it the most widely used email network. Since Gmail offers free access to the majority of the Google Workspace apps, most savvy people and organizations use it for work.

No matter how big your teams or projects are, you might need to provide team members and other stakeholders with specific instructions or comments. To increase efficiency, Gmail can help you organize both your ongoing work and incoming emails. Users can attach files and media to emails or include a link to Google Drive to send them (for larger media sizes).

Can you use Google tools in task management?

Benefits for users of the Google project management software are numerous. Its biggest flaw is that users must combine at least five Google apps to get a straightforward project management and planning solution because it is not the best for project management.

Here’s an example: A project manager can use Google Sheets to create a project plan and timeline, Gmail to communicate with team members and stakeholders, and Google Calendar to schedule a meeting to discuss the project. In the email, the manager provides a Google Docs link to the agenda. A Google Forms link is there in this Google Doc to collect comments on the project schedule and plan.

Nearly all of the fundamental features a project manager needs to start and manage projects are available in Google Workspace. For inventive, quickly expanding enterprises, it delivers them in a piecemeal, haphazard package that is neither elegant nor sustainable.

If you decide to use Google Workspace, you must constantly keep an eye on your workflows and the performance of your team. You will need to develop solutions for anything that isn’t functioning and establishing ground rules that everyone must abide by.

What alternative task management tools are available?

Luckily, Google Workspace users have a perfect task management alternative. Kanbanchi is a simple task management tool that will assist you in tracking your projects and managing your workflow. And it is very simple to use. It enables you to delegate tasks to team members, monitor team development, and view the backlog of upcoming activities. You may track projects in real-time with Kanbanchi and provide reports for better outcomes.

It is a great software that will enable you to visualize and manage your work. Kanbanchi allows you to manage projects, share them with your team, monitor their progress, and add a visual reminder to each task or project. Without the use of additional software or plugins. You can easily assign tasks to team members, monitor their completion in real-time, and quickly see your workflow. Kanbanchi is a fantastic tool for streamlining your workflow and monitoring project progress.

Can you integrate Kanbanchi with Google Workspace?

The best aspect is that Google Workspace and Kanbanchi perfectly work together. All of your data and other files are easily accessible to you. Above all, you will be able to access information from your Google Drive account on your Kanbanchi boards. You can also work even more closely with your team members.

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