Let your team grow with better tools at any stage

No matter what's the size of your business, Kanbanchi can support it, from small teams to enterprises with thouthands of employees. When your team overgrows Trello, they will need something for complex project management.

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Manage more than just software development

Among Jira alternatives, Kanbanchi is built for cross-department collaboration, while Jira is tuned specifically for technical and development teams. Are they so very different? And which app is more flexible?

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Kanbanchi vs Asana

Get more value for your team at the lower price

Kanbanchi has everything your team needs to be synchronized and reach your goals faster. Collaboration platform, specific project management toolset, resource management, and much more. At a very reasonable price.

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Keep unlimited number of files linked to your project

Link files from your Google Drive directly and don't be limited to file storage size. Keep unlimited number of project boards and cards. Focus on the most important - your work, we'll care about the rest.

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Start actually using the app in twenty minutes

Kanbanchi is extremely easy and fast to start working with. Get value out of the app the first day you and your team sign up. Intuitive and familiar Google apps interface will help to save time on learning and setting up.

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Convert notes to actionable tasks and start working

It's super easy and convenient to take notes in Keep, for example, during a meeting. However, later you'll need to convert them to tasks and keep track of what's done. Kanbanchi becomes a great complementary tool for you in this process. Just convert your notes into Kanbanchi cards.

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More than just a to-do list for personal needs

To-do list is a great thing to start with. However, if you need to manage team work, it's better to choose professional tools that are made for it. Team collaboration is a core of Kanbanchi, that's why this app can support teams of any size.

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